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Created Aug 16, 2020
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On Switchbrew, devkitPro, and Atmosphere

For about the past year, I have been banned on Github from commenting on any issues from the following Github organizations:

I do not know the makeup of these groups and where exactly the overlap lies. As of today, their "People" pages on their Github organizations look like this:

On the devkitPro org, Github explains the exact reason for my ban as follows:

Yes, my comment had no place, and was directly offensive to a core project maintainer. I was not happy with WUT transferring to the dkP org, and this comment was neither a kind nor productive way to express that viewpoint. This is cut and dry: I pushed a touchy subject and in turn got blocked over it.

This ban also extended itself to the switchbrew and atmosphere-nx orgs. There is no similar message/reasoning from Github for those blocks.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was banned from the Switchbrew Wiki. I made two edits:

  1. I added vgedit to the list of homebrew apps page
  2. I created a User:vgmoose page for myself

My User page was deleted as "Spam", and my wiki account was blocked. Screenshots:

There aren't many User pages on Switchbrew, but following the Help docs explains the following:

User pages are just as flexible as any other wiki page, and it's a page all about you, so generally people will leave you to freely write your user page in whatever format you like. It's a feature to help other people know who you are, and to bring the online community closer together. Think of it as a “profile” page. (source: )

Screen shots of my other User pages on other brew wikis:

My Switchbrew user page is not spam content. I publicly expressed my dismay about the wiki ban in #off-topic in the ReSwitched discord server. Here, I was told by a team member that I was being disingenuous about the reasoning behind my Github ban, and was trying to make myself out to be the victim. This is contradictory to the direct info on my ban provided by Github. It also doesn't address the wiki ban.

I pressed in private DM (and had long talks with) a key community member about the Switchbrew wiki ban. They did not provide a specific rule violation that for the ban, but maintained that the ban was justified. The reasoning provided was that my org (4TU/Bru) makes Switchbrew/dkP/Atmosphere dev's lives harder, as well as a history of "mutual dislike" between myself and dkP staff.

I have strived for my work in the Switch scene to be complementary to switchbrew, Atmosphere, ReSwitched, and dkP's goals for the homebrew ecosystem. If there are technical or operational issues between my group + my work and where it fits into the "grand scheme" of things, we could've talked through those issues. To be blocked from the wiki on what amounts to my character not being wanted is beyond disheartening.

The fact remains that the skillset to make Homebrew App Store work in terms of both how the packages are installed and hosted, and the actual effort of approving, quality-checking submissions, and maintaining updates is an area that we have a lot of experience in.

Switchbrew, devkitPro, and Atmosphere are groups that obviously care a great deal about how they view the homebrew ecosystem. I would like to see them be more transparent about what their goals are, and also be more welcoming to other people who are trying to contribute to the community.

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