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bow to the power of SASS lists
@each $type in solar-to-home, solar-to-grid, solar-to-battery, grid-to-home, grid-to-battery, battery-to-home, battery-to-grid
##{$type} > .flow-img
background-image: image-url('#{$type}-bg.png')
#solar-to-home > .flow-img {
background-image: url('../img/solar-to-home-bg.png?1402522356');
#solar-to-grid > .flow-img {
background-image: url('../img/solar-to-grid-bg.png?1402522443');
#solar-to-battery > .flow-img {
background-image: url('../img/solar-to-battery-bg.png?1402522428');
#grid-to-home > .flow-img {
background-image: url('../img/grid-to-home-bg.png?1402522402');
#grid-to-battery > .flow-img {
background-image: url('../img/grid-to-battery-bg.png?1402522386');
#battery-to-home > .flow-img {
background-image: url('../img/battery-to-home-bg.png?1402522374');
#battery-to-grid > .flow-img {
background-image: url('../img/battery-to-grid-bg.png?1402522340');
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