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Last active Dec 21, 2015
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Handler for List form links in SharePoint 2010
//Handler for List form links in SharePoint 2010
// (from CORE.js)
function _EditLink2(elm, ctxNum)
var fn=function()
var url=GetGotoLinkUrl(elm);
if (url==null)
var ctxT=window["ctx"+ctxNum];
if (ctxT !=null && ctxT.clvp !=null)
var clvp=ctxT.clvp;
if (FV4UI() && !ctxT.NavigateForFormsPages) //check if Dialogs option (NavigateForFormsPages property of ContextInfo) is set to 'No'
clvp.ShowPopup(url); //open form in modal dialog boxes
return false;
GoToLink(elm); //navigate using href attribute of link
EnsureScript("inplview", typeof(inplview), fn);
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