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A little truncate function extension for the default String type (Swift 3 Ready)
extension String {
Truncates the string to the specified length number of characters and appends an optional trailing string if longer.
- Parameter length: A `String`.
- Parameter trailing: A `String` that will be appended after the truncation.
- Returns: A `String` object.
func truncate(length: Int, trailing: String = "") -> String {
if self.characters.count > length {
return String(self.characters.prefix(length)) + trailing
} else {
return self
// Swift 3.0 Example
let str = "This is a long string".truncate(10, trailing: "...") // "This is a ..."
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vicc commented Oct 13, 2016

Swift 3 Ready with Proper Documentation Added.

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rlxone commented Apr 3, 2017

Nice solution, thanks!

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eduardo22i commented Aug 9, 2017

Good job! Thanks for sharing!

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budidino commented Sep 27, 2017

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loverde-co commented Oct 31, 2017

Thanks for sharing!!!

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haansplosion commented Nov 30, 2017

Awesome! Thanks :-)

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kdeda commented Nov 5, 2018

        return String(self.characters.prefix(length)) + trailing

should be
return String(self.utf8.prefix(length)) + trailing

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Hacoga commented Jan 30, 2019


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