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My article outline with Okteto explaining the use of Okteto Actrions within the Workflow build of an application's container managed with Okteto
## Automating cloud workflows using Okteto Actions.
### Goal
The goal of this article is to give the reader an insight into how Okteto can be programmatically used within the automated Continuous Integration process of an application managed using GitHub Actions.
### Article Steps:
A brief introduction to Github Actions and the need for an automation process.
- Cloning the Okteto movie application from GitHub
* A brief overview of the cloned application structure including the configuration files.
* Creating a few end-to-end test suites using React Testing Library within the frontend directory to be used in testing the frontend application at a later build process.
- Using Okteto GitHub Actions within the cloned application’s workflow build;
* Authenticating with Oketo from a workflow build using the oketo login action.
* Creating a development environment namespace using the okteto namespace action
* Building an image from the cloned application’s Dockerfile using the okteto build action. Executing the unit tests for the cloned application would be among the build steps, if the tests fail, the entire build would fail.
* Configuring the okteto push action to push the built container image to the Okteto Container Registry ( OCR ).

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@vickywane vickywane commented Jun 10, 2021

This outline is also available in a more readable format within a Google Doc file here.

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