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Last active Jan 4, 2016
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Initialize tmux with rails console and server
# ~/hashrocket/hr/share/mux-init
tmux \
split-window -h -t $name \; \
split-window -d -h -t $name \; \
select-layout -t $name main-horizontal &>/dev/null \; \
new-window -a -d -n server -t $name:0 \; \
split-window -d -h -t $name:server \; \
send-keys -t $name:0.2 'vim .' C-m \; \
send-keys -t $name:1.1 'rails s' C-m \; \
send-keys -t $name:1.0 'rails c' C-m \;

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@jonallured jonallured commented Jan 27, 2014

Rather than replacing the ~/hashrocket/hr/share/mux-init file, you could just put this at ~/.mux and it'll be picked up that way. I do that on my laptop because I don't like vertical splits with such a small screen. Here's mine:

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