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const fs = require('fs-extra')
const { createATemplate } = require('./template')
const { fromNullable } = require('folktale/maybe');
const { fromPromised, rejected, of } = require('folktale/concurrency/task');
const fsCopy = fromPromised(fs.copy)
const pathExists = fromPromised(fs.pathExists)
function cp(directory){
return fsCopy(directory, `packblade/roles/${directory}/files/`)
function exist(path){
return pathExists(path)
.chain(exist => exist ? of(exist)
: /* otherwise */ rejected(`${path} not found`))
function Add(directory, dirWhereSaved){
return fromNullable(directory)
.map(() =>
.and(createATemplate(directory, dirWhereSaved))
.getOrElse(rejected(`You need to pass the path as a parameter`))
module.exports = Add
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