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videlais/main.js Secret

Created May 29, 2019 16:47
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// Use the storyContent to create an Ink story
var story = new inkjs.Story(storyContent);
// Save a reference to the storyContainer where text will be added
var storyContainer = document.getElementById("story");
function continueStory() {
// Check if there is more content in the story
if(story.canContinue) {
// Get ink to generate the next paragraph
var paragraphText = story.Continue();
var speaker = story.currentTags;
// Create paragraph element
var paragraphElement = document.createElement('p');
// Check if speaker is an empty array
if(speaker.length > 0) {
// Add a CSS class matching the speaker
// Add a CSS class matching the emotion
// Add the text to the P-element
paragraphElement.innerHTML = paragraphText;
// Append the P-element to the storyContainer
// Call continueStory() to start
// Listen for the "click" event and show text
window.addEventListener("click", continueStory);
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