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Last active January 17, 2020 21:17
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No-click Twine (1.4) using jQuery
// First, create a reference to the Wikifier.createInternalLink function.
// (Internally, this is what Twine uses to connect passages together.
// It is the last step in parsing double-bracked content into links.)
var oldCreateInternalLink = Wikifier.createInternalLink;
// Then, create a new function that mimics its functionality.
Wikifier.createInternalLink = function(place, title) {
// By calling the old function, it returns
// the DOM element (the link) it was about to
// add to a passage.
link = oldCreateInternalLink(place, title);
// Using jQuery, add a listener for a 'mouseover' event.
// When it happens, call the anonymous function to
// 'Click' the link itself.
$(link).on('mouseover', function() {;
// Finally, return the link so that it can be added to a passage
return link;
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