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videlais/build.bat Secret

Created Jul 9, 2016
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build.bat bank example
C:\gbdk\bin\lcc -Wa-l -Wl-m -Wl-j -DUSE_SFR_FOR_REG -c -o main.o main.c
C:\gbdk\bin\lcc -Wa-l -Wl-m -Wl-j -DUSE_SFR_FOR_REG -Wf-bo1 -Wf-ba1 -c -o bank1.o bank1.c
C:\gbdk\bin\lcc -Wa-l -Wl-m -Wl-j -DUSE_SFR_FOR_REG -Wl-yt2 -Wl-yo4 -Wl-ya1 -o main.o bank1.o
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