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videlais/badendings.txt Secret

Created Aug 22, 2018
What would you like to do?
ChoiceScript: Variables
You didn't survive the trip!
(You made ${choices} choices!)
After a short delay, we enter the house.
(You made ${choices} choices!)
*if choices > 1
We've made many choices.
Finally, we arrived at the house.
Did we knock on the door or try to barge in without warning?
#Knock on the door
*set choices +1
*goto_scene goodendings
#Barge in!
We got caught in a trap!
*goto_scene badendings
*title Example
*author Dan Cox
*create choices 0
(You've currently made ${choices} choices.)
Where will we visit?
#The woods
We went into the woods!
It was a dark and scary place, but with our lantern, we were able to make our way deeper.
Deep in the woods, we came across a river. Did we try to cross it?
*set choices +1
#Cross river
We did not make it across the river and were swept downstream to our doom!
*goto_scene badendings
#Did not cross river.
We didn't bother with the river and made our way along the path deeper and deeper into the woods.
*set choices +1
#The mountains
We went into the mountains
*set choices +1
#The lake
We went to the lake
*set choices +1
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