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<title>APOD: 2019 December 10 - Starlink Satellite Trails over Brazil</title>
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related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.">
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<header class="center">
<h1>Astronomy Picture of the Day</h1>
<a href="archivepix.html">Discover the cosmos!</a>
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is
featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
<span id="date">2019 December 10</span>
<figure class="center">
<a href="image/1912/StarlinkTrails_Filter_2048.jpg">
<img src="" alt="See Explanation. Clicking on the picture will download
the highest resolution version available.">
<b id="title">Starlink Satellite Trails over Brazil</b>
<span id="copyright">
<b>Image Credit & Copyright:</b>
<a href="mailto: egonf @at@ terra .dot. com .dot. br">Egon Filter</a>
<p id="explanation">
<b> Explanation: </b>
What are those streaks over the horizon?
<a href=""
>Starlink satellites</a> reflecting sunlight.
<a href="">SpaceX</a>
launched 60 Starlink communication satellites in May and
<a href=""
>60 more in November</a>.
These satellites and
<a href="">thousands more</a> are planned by
communications companies in the next few years that may make
<a href="ap191014.html">streaks like these</a> relatively common.
<a href=""
>Concern has been voiced</a> by many in the astronomical community about how reflections from these
<a href=""
>satellites may affect future observations</a> into space.
In the pictured composite of 33 exposures,
parallel streaks from Starlink satellites are visible over southern
<a href="">Brazil</a>.
<a href=""
>Sunflowers</a> dot the foreground, while a
<a href="ap181219.html">bright meteor</a>
was caught by chance on the upper right.
<a href="">Satellite reflections</a> are
<a href="ap980402.html">not new</a> -- the constellation of 66 first-generation
<a href=""
>Iridium satellites</a> launched starting 20 years ago produced
<a href="ap000502.html">some</a>
<a href="ap150902.html">flares</a> so bright that they could
<a href="">be seen</a> during the day.
Most of these old Iridium satellites, however, <a href=
>have been</a>
<a href="">de-orbited</a> over the past few years.
<p id="tomorrow" class="center">
<b>Tomorrow's picture:</b>
<a href="ap191211.html">supernova firefox</a>
<div class="center">
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