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Add a query string to the end of the theme's style.css when WordPress is loaded.
* Add a filter to stylesheet_uri, which appends a query string to it automagically.
add_filter('stylesheet_uri', 'zk_css_versioner');
* the goal of this method is to append a query string to the css url for the site.
* the query string currently is determined by the last time the css file was modified
* the theory is that if the file is modified, change the value of v=, which should
* force the CDN to pull a new version from the origin server. This could be a
* a hit on performance, not sure yet. Let's get it working first.
* @return string
function zk_css_versioner() {
$cssfile = get_stylesheet_directory() . "/style.css";
$turi = get_template_directory_uri();
if (file_exists($cssfile)) {
$cssuri = "$turi/style.css?v=" . filemtime($cssfile);
echo $cssuri;
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vidluther commented Jun 16, 2012

You should be able to put this file in your mu-plugins folder, and it'll automagically add the string as long you call your stylesheet using bloginfo('stylesheet_uri');

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odlp commented Jul 3, 2013

with a single wordpress install (non-MU) this only works changing:

echo $cssuri;


return $cssuri;

Otherwise the CSS URI is echoed into the body element.

Neat code though, thanks.

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BHEADRICK commented Jun 30, 2016

This is awesome, yet so simple!

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