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Google Summer of Code 2020 Final Report

Contributions to Homebrew - Google Summer of Code 2020

gsoc This summer I contributed to Homebrew as a part of the Google Summer of Code program. This was my first venture into the world of FOSS and I'm grateful to the Homebrew community for being so welcoming, helpful and encouraging! I worked on setting up Sorbet, a static type checker in our codebase.


Here is a gist of everything that we've worked on during the GSoC period:

Road ahead

Now, I will be working on getting the remaining files to true. Another thing that we've got to give a little more thought into, is how we're going to automate adding new files to the list of in files.yaml, and more specifically deciding which sigil we'd want the file to be a part of. I look forward to being an active open source contributor at Homebrew. 🍺


This summer has been extremely fun and jam packed with important lessons. I've learnt how to approach a problem, how to ask the right questions and I've gained so much confidence in myself as a developer! All of this would have never been possible without the support from my mentors @issyl0, @mistydemeo and @MikeMcQuaid. They've been extremely kind and helpful throughout my GSoC journey. I'm grateful to my mentors for taking out time from their weekends for our weekly video calls (something that I looked forward to all week long!).

My co-interns - @rmnull and @nandahkrishna were super nice and encouraging and I loved sharing my progress with them along the way!

I’d also like to thank Google for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing community!

Working with the Homebrew community has been a privilege for me and I'm definitely looking forward to making more positive contributions in the future! ❤️

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