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@viebel viebel/set-game.clj forked from cgrand/set-game.clj
Last active Feb 22, 2017

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the SET game in clojure.spec
; the SET game in clojure.spec
;; inspired by
(require '[clojure.spec :as s])
(require 'clojure.test.check.generators)
(require '[clojure.spec.impl.gen :as gen])
(s/def ::shape #{:oval :diamond :squiggle})
(s/def ::color #{:red :purple :green})
(s/def ::value #{1 2 3})
(s/def ::shading #{:solid :striped :outline})
(s/def ::card (s/keys :req [::shape ::color ::value ::shading]))
(s/def ::deck (s/coll-of ::card :distinct true :max-count 12 :min-count 12))
(defn unique-or-distinct [feature]
#(and (coll? %) (not= 2 (count (into #{} (map feature) %))))) ; assumes 3-item set
(s/def ::set
(s/coll-of ::card :min-count 3 :max-count 3 :distinct true :into #{})
(unique-or-distinct ::shape)
(unique-or-distinct ::color)
(unique-or-distinct ::value)
(unique-or-distinct ::shading)))
(defn deal []
(first (gen/sample (s/gen ::deck) 1)))
(defn sets [deck]
(into #{} (for [carda deck cardb deck cardc deck
:let [s (hash-set carda cardb cardc)]
:when (s/valid? ::set s)]
(-> (sets (deal))
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