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Reactive PostgreSQL Client

The Reactive PostgreSQL Client is a client for PostgreSQL with a straightforward API focusing on scalability and low overhead.

The client is reactive and non blocking, allowing to handle many database connections with a single thread.

  • Event driven

  • Lightweight

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SQL Client Templates

Table of Contents

SQL Client Templates is a small library designed to facilitate the execution of SQL queries.


To use SQL Client Templates add the following dependency to the dependencies section of your build descriptor:

  • Maven (in your pom.xml):

public void testResolveAbsoluteFile() throws Exception {
File folder = File.createTempFile("test", ".txt");
folder.deleteOnExit(); // Cleanup
File f = new File(folder, "child.txt");
Files.write(f.toPath(), "the_child".getBytes());
File notFound = new File(folder, "not_found");
Thread thread = Thread.currentThread();
pool.begin(res -> {
if (res.succeeded()) {
// Get the transaction
Transaction tx = res.result();
// Various statements
tx.query("INSERT INTO Users (first_name,last_name) VALUES ('Julien','Viet')")
.execute(ar1 -> {
if (ar1.succeeded()) {
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public interface SqlTemplate<R> {
static SqlTemplate<RowSet<Row>> forQuery(SqlClient client, String template) {
Collector<Row, ?, SqlResult<Row>> collector = null;
Function<SqlResult<Row>, RowSet<Row>> bilto = null;
return new SqlTemplateImpl<SqlResult<Row>, RowSet<Row>>(client, collector, bilto, template);
public void customKeyManagerFactory() {
Vertx vertx = Vertx.vertx();
vertx.createHttpServer(new HttpServerOptions().setKeyCertOptions(new KeyCertOptions() {
public KeyManagerFactory getKeyManagerFactory(Vertx vertx) throws Exception {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Implement me");
public KeyCertOptions clone() {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Implement me");
public class JDBCTxOp extends AbstractJDBCAction<Void> {
private final TxCommand op;
public JDBCTxOp(JDBCStatementHelper helper, TxCommand op, SQLOptions options) {
super(helper, options);
this.op = op;
private <T> void executeDirect(ContextInternal ctx, AbstractJDBCAction<T> action, Handler<AsyncResult<T>> handler) {
getConnection(ctx, ar1 -> {
Future<T> fut = Future.future();
fut.setHandler(ar2 -> ctx.runOnContext(v -> handler.handle(ar2)));
if (ar1.succeeded()) {
JDBCConnectionImpl conn = (JDBCConnectionImpl) ar1.result();
Tracer tracer = ctx.owner().tracer();
Object trace;
if (tracer != null) {
trace = tracer.sendRequest(ctx.localContextData(), action);
* Copyright 2019 the original author or authors.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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