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I may be slow to respond.

Adrian Pistol vifino

I may be slow to respond.
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"$schema": "",
"basics": {
"name": "Adrian Pistol",
"label": "Computer Whisperer",
"email": "",
"summary": "Creative and Experienced IT Problem Solver",
"location": {
"city": "Frankfurt",
"region": "Hesse",
vifino / vifino.js
Created January 3, 2023 23:36 Theme
black = '#000000';
red = '#FF6878';
green = '#B4FB73';
yellow = '#FFF090';
blue = '#6095FF';
magenta = '#FF90FE';
cyan = '#45E1F8';
white = '#F1F1F1';
brightBlack = '#6F6F6F';
brightRed = '#FF778B';
vifino /
Last active December 16, 2020 18:31
FreeBSD devd Configs for Storage Servers

FreeBSD devd configs for Storage Servers

These are configs for FreeBSD's devd to handle certain events better:


This config instructs devd to set the fault notification for a drive whenever the CAM layer reports errors. This only works if the disk is in a disk shelf with SES support (like netapp shelves).

Works in base FreeBSD installs!

vifino / motd.lua
Last active January 25, 2018 00:58
pam_lua-based dynamic system motd.
#!/usr/bin/env lua
-- pam_lua-based dynamic MOTD.
-- Rewritten from scratch, again.
-- (Maybe also because it was a bit filthy...)
-- Still kinda bad, cause it executes programs...
-- But hey, it Works For Me(tm)!
-- To use:
-- Install pam_lua (
vifino / steam-in-home-streaming
Created March 2, 2016 21:13
Steam In-Home streaming UFW Profile
description=Steam In-Home Streaming
vifino / .cVimrc
Created April 25, 2015 03:13
" Config used by me. It's probably obvious that I'm a specific type of user.
" No autofocus.
set noautofocus
" No cursor.
set autohidecursor
" Search engines.
let searchengine wikipedia = ""
let searchengine archwiki = ""
let searchengine aur = ""
vifino /
Last active July 31, 2017 07:59
Surface Pro 2 Ubuntu

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am vifino on github.
  • I am vifino ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 811E 093E E617 B91A C3E4 E941 B7A6 2F6B E072 82DE

To claim this, I am signing this object: