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@vigortek vigortek/rtorrent.rc
Last active May 8, 2019

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rtorrent config file for use on an embedded device, like a router.
# rtorrent.rc. Good for a router with 256MB RAM
# min and max peers per torrent
min_peers = 15
max_peers = 30
# max concurrent uploads
max_uploads = 10
max_uploads_global = 30
# upload and download rates
download_rate = 0
upload_rate = 5120
# max open files
network.max_open_files.set = 256
# ratio, when reached close torrent
# system.method.set = group.seeding.ratio.command, d.close=
# set encryption
encryption = require,allow_incoming,require_RC4
# dir to save downloads
directory = /mnt/storage/torrent_downloads/
session = /mnt/storage/torrent_downloads/.session
# watch dir, auto download new .torrent files placed into this dir
schedule = watch_directory,10,10,load.start=/mnt/storage/torfiles/*.torrent
# ports to use, these need to be opened on the firewall
port_range = 30305-30307
port_random = yes
# check hash of completed downloads, set to no if your router has a single core SoC
check_hash = yes
# dht
dht = auto
dht_port = 30308
# connect to UDP trackers
# use_udp_tracekrs = yes
# scgi_local is used for communication with the webUI.
# if you plan to use rtorrent in CLI only, delete this line.
scgi_local = /tmp/rtorrent.sock
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