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My cVim Configuration
unmap h
unmap l
unmap H
unmap L
map h goBack
map l goForward
map H scrollLeft
map L scrollRight
unmap K
unmap J
unmap q
unmap w
unmap e
map e nextTab
map q previousTab
map w scrollFullPageUp
unmap s
map s scrollFullPageDown
map n createTabbedHint
let searchengine baidu = ""
let searchalias b = "baidu"
let searchengine taobao = ""
let searchalias t = "taobao"
let searchengine github = ""
let searchalias github = "github"
let hintcharacters = "wertyuipasdfghjkl"
let blacklists = ["*","*","*","http://localhost/*"]
let fullpagescrollpercent = 90
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