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void * -[HelloService getValue](void * self, void * _cmd) {
var_18 = [@"Hello" retain];
var_28 = [var_18 retain];
objc_storeStrong(var_18, 0x0);
rax = [var_28 autorelease];
return rax;
0000000100000e40 55 push rbp ; Objective C Implementation defined at 0x1000010f8 (instance method), DATA XREF=0x1000010f8
0000000100000e41 4889E5 mov rbp, rsp
0000000100000e44 4883EC30 sub rsp, 0x30
0000000100000e48 48897DF8 mov qword [rbp+var_8], rdi
0000000100000e4c 488975F0 mov qword [rbp+var_10], rsi
0000000100000e50 488D3D09020000 lea rdi, qword [cfstring_Hello_thanhvu_dev] ; @"Hello", argument "instance" for method _objc_retain
0000000100000e57 488B35BA010000 mov rsi, qword [_objc_retain_100001018]
0000000100000e5e 488975E0 mov qword [rbp+var_20], rsi
0000000100000e62 FFD6 call rsi ; _objc_retain ; Retain biến s
0000000100000e64 488945E8 mov qword [rbp+var_18], rax
0000000100000e68 488B7DE8 mov rdi, qword [rbp+var_18]
0000000100000e6c 488B45E0 mov rax, qword [rbp+var_20]
0000000100000e70 FFD0 call rax
0000000100000e72 31C9 xor ecx, ecx
0000000100000e74 89CE mov esi, ecx
0000000100000e76 488D7DE8 lea rdi, qword [rbp+var_18]
0000000100000e7a 488945D8 mov qword [rbp+var_28], rax
0000000100000e7e E8A7000000 call imp___stubs__objc_storeStrong ; Release biến s
0000000100000e83 488B45D8 mov rax, qword [rbp+var_28] ; Lấy địa chỉ vùng nhớ của object mà pointer s trỏ tới
0000000100000e87 4889C7 mov rdi, rax ; argument "instance" for method imp___stubs__objc_autoreleaseReturnValue
0000000100000e8a 4883C430 add rsp, 0x30
0000000100000e8e 5D pop rbp
0000000100000e8f E98A000000 jmp imp___stubs__objc_autoreleaseReturnValue ; Thực hiện đẩy object của pointer s vào trong autorelease
void -[HelloService run](void * self, void * _cmd) {
var_18 = [[self getValue] retain];
var_20 = [var_18 retain];
NSLog(@"%@", var_18);
objc_storeStrong(var_20, 0x0);
objc_storeStrong(var_18, 0x0);
-[HelloService run]
0000000100000db0 55 push rbp ; Objective C Implementation defined at 0x1000010e0 (instance method), DATA XREF=0x1000010e0
0000000100000db1 4889E5 mov rbp, rsp
0000000100000db4 4883EC30 sub rsp, 0x30
0000000100000db8 48897DF8 mov qword [rbp+var_8], rdi ; Biến self
0000000100000dbc 488975F0 mov qword [rbp+var_10], rsi ; Biến _cmd
0000000100000dc0 488B75F8 mov rsi, qword [rbp+var_8]
0000000100000dc4 488B3D8D030000 mov rdi, qword [0x100001158] ; @selector(getValue)
0000000100000dcb 48897DD8 mov qword [rbp+var_28], rdi
0000000100000dcf 4889F7 mov rdi, rsi
0000000100000dd2 488B75D8 mov rsi, qword [rbp+var_28]
0000000100000dd6 FF1534020000 call qword [_objc_msgSend_100001010] ; _objc_msgSend, Ở đây là gọi hàm getValue từ self
0000000100000ddc 4889C7 mov rdi, rax
0000000100000ddf E840010000 call imp___stubs__objc_retainAutoreleasedReturnValue ; ARC thực hiện gọi code retain lại object được return từ [self getValue]
0000000100000de4 488945E8 mov qword [rbp+var_18], rax ; Kết quả của [self getValue] được lưu tại đây, biến helloString
0000000100000de8 488B45E8 mov rax, qword [rbp+var_18]
0000000100000dec 4889C7 mov rdi, rax
0000000100000def FF1523020000 call qword [_objc_retain_100001018] ; _objc_retain ; Object được retain lại lần nữa
0000000100000df5 488D3544020000 lea rsi, qword [cfstring___] ; @"%@"
0000000100000dfc 488945E0 mov qword [rbp+var_20], rax ; Đây là biến strongRefHelloString, khi gán strongRefHelloString thì ARC tự động gọi retain :D
0000000100000e00 488B45E8 mov rax, qword [rbp+var_18]
0000000100000e04 4889F7 mov rdi, rsi ; argument "format" for method imp___stubs__NSLog
0000000100000e07 4889C6 mov rsi, rax
0000000100000e0a B000 mov al, 0x0
0000000100000e0c E807010000 call imp___stubs__NSLog
0000000100000e11 31C9 xor ecx, ecx
0000000100000e13 89CE mov esi, ecx
0000000100000e15 488D7DE0 lea rdi, qword [rbp+var_20]
0000000100000e19 E80C010000 call imp___stubs__objc_storeStrong ; Thực hiện gọi objc_storeStrong(strongRefHelloString, 0x0) để release
0000000100000e1e 31C9 xor ecx, ecx
0000000100000e20 89CE mov esi, ecx
0000000100000e22 488D7DE8 lea rdi, qword [rbp+var_18]
0000000100000e26 E8FF000000 call imp___stubs__objc_storeStrong ; Thực hiện gọi objc_storeStrong(helloString, 0x0) để release
0000000100000e2b 4883C430 add rsp, 0x30
0000000100000e2f 5D pop rbp
0000000100000e30 C3 ret
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