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Custom Logger Library with winston
var winston = require('winston')
// set default log level.
var logLevel = 'info'
// Set up logger
var customColors = {
trace: 'white',
debug: 'green',
info: 'blue',
warn: 'yellow',
crit: 'red',
fatal: 'red'
var logger = new (winston.Logger)({
colors: customColors,
level: logLevel,
levels: {
fatal: 0,
crit: 1,
warn: 2,
info: 3,
debug: 4,
trace: 5
transports: [
new (winston.transports.Console)({
colorize: true,
timestamp: true
new (winston.transports.File)({ filename: 'somefile.log' })
// Extend logger object to properly log 'Error' types
var origLog = logger.log
logger.log = function (level, msg) {
if (msg instanceof Error) {
var args =
args[1] = msg.stack
origLog.apply(logger, args)
} else {
origLog.apply(logger, arguments)
var log = require('./log.js')
module.exports = logger

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commented Jan 31, 2017

var logLevel = 'info' // Winston will log info and lower than info log level.

So log.trace('testing') and log.debug('testing') will not be log by winston.

If you want to log trace and debug then set var logLevel = 'trace'


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commented Sep 7, 2019

how to connect this logger.js in my default app.js in express js and i want console entire log data in one text file

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