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Create a GKE Kubernetes cluster (with Istio addon enabled) and install Knative on top of it
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -ex
if [ -z "$GCP_PROJECT_ID" ] ; then
echo '[!] GCP_PROJECT_ID is not set - required'
exit 1
gcloud config set project "$GCP_PROJECT_ID"
function create_gke_cluster_with_istio {
# To see which GKE versions are supported/recommended for
# Cloud Run on GKE:
gcloud beta container clusters create knativeexp \
--addons=HorizontalPodAutoscaling,HttpLoadBalancing,Istio \
--machine-type=n1-standard-4 \
--cluster-version=1.12.6 --zone=us-central1-a \
--enable-stackdriver-kubernetes --enable-ip-alias \
--scopes cloud-platform
function install_knative {
kubectl apply --filename \
--filename \
--filename \
--filename \
# re-run the install - known issue:
install_knative || install_knative
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