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def append_range(ranges, current_range_start, current_range_end):
if current_range_start == current_range_end:
ranges.append((current_range_start, current_range_end))
def compress_list_of_integers(ints):
if len(ints) == 0:
return []
ranges = []
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module Joins exposing (..)
import Dict exposing (..)
join : List a -> List b -> (a -> b -> Bool) -> List (a, List b)
join left right joinTest =
|> (\leftItem ->
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module ElmAST where
import Json.Decode
import Json.Decode exposing ((:=))
import Json.Encode exposing (Value)
-- The following module comes from bartavelle/json-helpers
import Json.Helpers exposing (..)
import Dict
import Set
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peterv@vilterp-mbp:flow-test$ flow version
Flow, a static type checker for JavaScript, version 0.25.0
peterv@vilterp-mbp:flow-test$ flow
7: var y: Foo = {...x, a: 5};
^^^^^^^^^^^^ object literal. This type is incompatible with
7: var y: Foo = {...x, a: 5};
^^^ union: object type(s)
Member 1:
3: type Foo = { type: 'foo', a: number, b: number } | { type: 'bar', c: string };
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module AST where
import Dict exposing (Dict)
type alias Module =
{ name : List String
, exports : List Exposable
, imports : Import
, declarations : List Declaration

I18n with Records


  1. Elm's typechecker enforces that
  • each localization has all the same messages.
  • the messages you are referring to in your view code exist.
  1. Only the localized strings for the current locale are sent across the wire
  2. Messages which have interpolations are typechecked as well
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display notification "is done" with title "Your Shit"
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Last active May 11, 2016
Html layout as a taskful API

A problem that comes up periodically is that people want to know the position of Html elements on the page after they've been laid out, for example so they can:

  1. Absolutely position an element based on the position of one or more relatively-positioned elements. E.g:
    1. make a popup seem to "come out of" a certain element (this could be done by adding a child of the div which is positioned relative to it, but is easier if you can just get the laid-out coordinates of the div and position the popup relative to that)
    2. draw a circle around an element, to highlight it (e.g. for a first-time app walkthrough tutorial). Again, maybe possible to do with purely relative layout, but much easier if you can get element position.
    3. draw a line between two page elements
  2. know whether an element is visible, given the current scroll window
  3. get mouse events on an element which are relative to that element's top-left origin (e.g. for a mouse-interactive Graphics.Collage embedded in HTML)

Elm-html cannot t