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drewkerr / get-focus-mode.js
Last active April 23, 2024 12:34
Read the current Focus mode on macOS Monterey (12.0+) using JavaScript for Automation (JXA)
const app = Application.currentApplication()
app.includeStandardAdditions = true
function getJSON(path) {
const fullPath = path.replace(/^~/, app.pathTo('home folder'))
const contents =
return JSON.parse(contents)
function run() {
noelhibbard / Doorbell.env
Last active October 12, 2023 16:49
This gist shows how to pull the local stream from a Wyze camera and then push it to an RTMP server.
# Edit and rename this file and then place it in /etc/wyzecam-to-rtmp
dhh / Gemfile
Created June 24, 2020 22:23
HEY's Gemfile
ruby '2.7.1'
gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails'
gem 'tzinfo-data', '>= 1.2016.7' # Don't rely on OSX/Linux timezone data
# Action Text
gem 'actiontext', github: 'basecamp/actiontext', ref: 'okra'
gem 'okra', github: 'basecamp/okra'
# Drivers
blackwright / repl.js
Last active April 7, 2020 10:10
Sequelize REPL
// Require the REPL module
// and models
let repl = require('repl').start({});
const models = require('./models');
// Make the `models` object
// a global variable in the
repl.context.models = models;
[aaron@TC omglolwut (master)]$ cat lib/tasks/disable_autoload_during_migrations.rake
task :disable_autoload do
ActiveSupport::Dependencies.class_eval do
extend {
def load_file(path, const_paths = loadable_constants_for_path(path))
return if path.starts_with? File.join(Rails.application.root, 'app', 'models')
vinbarnes /
Created November 17, 2015 14:25
get changelog summary
git log -p --no-color --since="5 days ago" -S "*" -- |grep -n "+.*\*" | tr -d '+' | sort -r -n | sed 's/^[0-9]*://g'
matthewpwatkins /
Last active April 21, 2019 11:44
Make Jira's Agile Board look like Trello

Make Jira's Agile Board look like Trello

Do you love the simple, easy-to-use, good-looking interface of Trello? But are you instead forced to use the ugly, complicated "polar bear in a snow storm" Jira agile board for your planning, grooming, and standups? Then this is the pill that just might help you survive, allowing you to use Jira's clunky agile board without giving up your sanity.

To start improving your Atlassian experience, use the browser plugin of your choice to inject the CSS code below into your Jira page (Chrome users: I have really enjoyed this extension if you don't have one already).

Extra credit

Hate Jira's annoying issue editing sidebar that takes precious column space and is too squished to appreciate your ticket anyway? And hate it when you click the ticket title and Jira redirects you to another page? You

stephenyeargin / roll-slack-webhooks.rb
Last active August 29, 2015 14:17
Roll Slack Webhooks
require 'octokit'
# Config
GITHUB_API_TOKEN = '<a token>'
GITHUB_ORGANIZATION = '<an organization>'
client =
access_token: GITHUB_API_TOKEN
bradp /
Last active May 20, 2024 12:29
New Mac Setup Script
echo "Creating an SSH key for you..."
ssh-keygen -t rsa
echo "Please add this public key to Github \n"
echo " \n"
read -p "Press [Enter] key after this..."
echo "Installing xcode-stuff"
xcode-select --install