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Last active Oct 28, 2020
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2020-10-28: Alpha update #7

  • Better screen dimensions selection using aspect ratios.

2020-10-25: Alpha update #6

  • Changed plan prices, plan offerings and added priority processing for paid plans
  • Removed total video length limits and added rendered video instances limits (for free plans)
  • Cleaned up landing page
  • Small fixes

2020-10-18: Alpha update #5

  • Add fill and background color option in fill panel for progress bar
  • Small fixes

2020-10-16: Alpha update #4

  • Added basic progress bar object
  • Small fixes to video dashboard UI and Editor object icons


Alpha update #3

  • Undo/Redo buttons
  • Added "fit to screen" zoom control
  • Added underline text style option
  • Various small fixes

Alpha update #2

  • Aspect ratio toggle for screen size
  • Ability to undo/redo canvas size changes
  • Various small fixes

2020-10-12: Alpha update #1

  • Added ability to start a new video from a template of existing video
  • Various small fixes

2020-10-09: Alpha release

  • Editor with text, image and waveform elements.
  • Editor panels for object and screen dimensions and position, z-order, fill color/image, text fonts, zoom controls and list of objects added.
  • Clip audio before exporting - with controls to playback, rewind and select audio range.
  • Show exported videos and their basic metadata - pending, recent and all.
  • Download generated videos.
  • Rename generated videos.
  • Landing and pricing page.
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