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Created September 25, 2013 18:03
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Sublime Text OSX Context Menu

Add Sublime Text to OS X Context Menu

  • Open Automator
  • Create a new Service
  • Add a Run Shell Script action
  • Set input to Service receives selected files or folders in any application
  • Set the script action to /Applications/Sublime\ -n $@
  • Set Pass input to as arguments
  • Save as Open in Sublime Text
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alexya commented May 27, 2016

It can't work to me.
When I right click a .py file from Finder or Desktop, there is no menu/sub-menus named like "Open in Sublime Text".
I don't know what I missed.

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frgooall commented Jul 7, 2016

Worked for me..thanks!

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cleydyr commented Aug 2, 2016

Worked for me as well. Thanks, man!

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Thank you!

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ismnoiet commented Nov 8, 2016

@vincentmac what if i want "Open in Sublime Text" to appear at the top level context menu and not under the "services" item,
thanks in advance.

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mi-lee commented Aug 19, 2017

you can also do this if you want to open the parent directory of the selected file:

FOLDER="$(dirname "$@")"
/Applications/Sublime\ -n $FOLDER

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roblav96 commented Dec 15, 2018

Requirement -> /bin/bash

Originally tried /usr/bin/zsh but that threw errors.

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leoblum commented Jan 22, 2021

For my environment, I needed to wrap $@ in quotes

/Applications/Sublime\ -n "$@"

or else it opened up a bunch of nonsense when the path contained whitespace.

Thank you 👍

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