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Created Aug 19, 2020
What would you like to do?
- How was your path to coding? Bootcamps/freecodecamp or studied by yourself?
Which resource was the most useful?
- How were the entry level interviews like? In terms of steps, what kind of co
ding questions?
- Was there something you wish you knew before when starting interviewing?
- What is the number one thing someone starting anew should focus immediately?
Eg. mastering a specific language vs. learning algorithms vs building a portfolio.
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GusRodrigues86 commented Aug 19, 2020

Started studying Java using the MOOC by Helsinki University, finished and started using alura, finally figured out my deficiencies when I discovered the open courseware of MIT, learned about advanced Java coding, and a lot of computer science and math.
The entry level interviews varied a lot. Some companies expected high level of proficiency in algorithm, clearly suffering from highly skilled hacker rank coders. Real life is way too far from HR and they fail to understand. The interview that land the current job was an interview with more soft skills and ability to code based on requirements and tools existing in the code base.
More about how much do I really worth for a company.
The first and most important thing to start coding: avoid C and Dynamic languages like JS and Python
They're powerful, but strongly typed languages and even C++ to some degree offer a better grasp of how a computer works. Also, discreet mathematics. A lot of understanding of this field makes coding less confusing or witchcraft/wizardry. So, learn Java and be good with Discreet mathematics.


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