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Created March 15, 2009 21:10
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On the long list of the reasons why an all Flash site sucks, this dialogue, that I found somewhere is awesome. And, unfortunately, quite realistic.
* Dialogue
Ever try selling a client over the phone with a Flash based site? It goes something like this:
- Ok. Wait for the loader bar to finish? Is it loaded? Great.
- Wait for a second while the intro animation runs.
- Click on the pulsing green button.
- See the dancing donkey in the corner? Click that.
- Click on the donkey's right eye.
- One second... the donkey is going to say something. Funny right?
- Ok. We are on the case studies interactive visualizer. Slide the scroller. Kewl huh? It bounces.
- Pick a client. One sec, loading.
- Alright. Here is the case study I was talking about.
I prefer this:
- Go to
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