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A sample code to invoke GET method of restful API with digest authentication
#Python 2.7.6
import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPDigestAuth
import json
# Replace with the correct URL
url = "http://api_url"
# It is a good practice not to hardcode the credentials. So ask the user to enter credentials at runtime
myResponse = requests.get(url,auth=HTTPDigestAuth(raw_input("username: "), raw_input("Password: ")), verify=True)
#print (myResponse.status_code)
# For successful API call, response code will be 200 (OK)
# Loading the response data into a dict variable
# json.loads takes in only binary or string variables so using content to fetch binary content
# Loads (Load String) takes a Json file and converts into python data structure (dict or list, depending on JSON)
jData = json.loads(myResponse.content)
print("The response contains {0} properties".format(len(jData)))
for key in jData:
print key + " : " + jData[key]
# If response code is not ok (200), print the resulting http error code with description

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@wgsl2005 wgsl2005 commented Nov 1, 2017

got 403 error using above code. i made sure my AD username and password are correct. any idea why?


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@vinovator vinovator commented Jul 10, 2018

@wgsl2005 - the code assumes that the credentials are passed through digest authentication. If that is not the case, you can try out other authentication methods

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