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Last active Jun 8, 2016
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script to power on/off ec2 instances based on block times, reassociates eip if needed and saves cache of eips when rerun
import boto.ec2
import sys
import datetime
from time import gmtime, strftime, sleep
import toml
# expects ec2 instance tag: power-off
# values should be in 24hr clock from:to
# eg 2400:0400
# would result in midnight to 4am
def load_ec2_cache (f):
with open(f) as h:
config = toml.loads(
print('loaded cache', config)
return config
return dict()
def save_ec2_cache (f,config):
with open(f,'w') as h:
print('saved cache', config)
print('cannot save config cache')
def main (argv):
config_file = 'ec2.toml'
config = load_ec2_cache(config_file)
conn = boto.ec2.connect_to_region("us-east-1",
all_ec2 = conn.get_only_instances(filters={"tag:power-off":"*"})
if len(all_ec2) < 1:
print ("no instances found with power-off tag")
i = dict()
for n in all_ec2:
i[] = { 'power-off':list(map(lambda x:int(x), n.tags['power-off'].split(":"))),
'state': n.state,
'ec2':n }
#print('found ec2 with tag', i)
hh = (int(strftime("%H", gmtime())) - 4) * 100 # east coast offset
print("current offset time (gmt-4)", hh)
for n in i:
# is turned on?
if hh >= i[n]['power-off'][0] and hh <= i[n]['power-off'][1]:
if i[n]['state'] != 'stopped':
print("powering off!", i)
else: print('skipping',i)
# is turned off?
elif hh < i[n]['power-off'][0] or hh > i[n]['power-off'][1]:
if i[n]['state'] == 'stopped':
if i[n]['ip'] is None and config[n] is not None:
print('need to assoc ip', n)
ips = conn.get_all_addresses()
for ip in ips:
if config[n] == ip.public_ip:
print('found ip',config[n])
print('associated ip:',ip.associate(n))
elif i[n]['ip'] != config[n]:
print('ec2 cache ip mismatch',n,i[n]['ip'],config[n])
elif i[n]['ip'] is None and config[n] is None:
print('ec2 missing elastic associated ip!')
print("powering on!", i)
else: print('skipping',i)
if i[n]['ip']: config[n] = i[n]['ip']
elif config[n]: print('ec2 lost ip?', n, config[n])
if __name__ == "__main__":
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