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Chris Gill viperscape

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View websocket-decode-encode.clj
(defn get-chunk [conn buf]
"returns map of bytes and size of buffer for data recieved in stream (buffered input stream);
buf would be something like: (make-array Byte/TYPE 4096)"
(let [bufsize (.read conn buf)] ;;blocking
{:size bufsize :data buf}))
(defn- ws-decode [frame]
"decodes websocket frame"
(let [data (:data frame)
viperscape / bits-lit.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015
returns map of which bits where flagged
View bits-lit.clj
(defn- bits-lit [b]
"cerates seq of bits that are flagged"
(map #(bit-and b (bit-shift-left 1 %)) (range 8)))
(bits-lit 23) ;;(1 2 4 0 16 0 0 0)
(map pos? (bits-lit 23)) ;; (true true true false true false false false)
viperscape / int-to-bytes.clj
Created Feb 22, 2014
int32 to 4 bytes, which could be used to send size of a following datagram, like a bytes header
View int-to-bytes.clj
(let [i 128900, b (map #(unchecked-byte(bit-shift-right i (* % 8))) (range 0 4))]
{i (reduce +(map #(bit-shift-left (bit-and %1 255) (* %2 8)) b (range 0 4)))})
viperscape / many-to-many-queues.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015
A small comparison of many to many thread-safe queues in Clojure
View many-to-many-queues.clj
(import 'java.util.concurrent.LinkedBlockingQueue)
(use 'criterium.core)
(defn lbq-test []
(let [q ^LinkedBlockingQueue (LinkedBlockingQueue.)]
(.start(Thread. #(dotimes [n 50000] (.take q))))
(.start(Thread. #(dotimes [n 50000] (.take q))))
(.start(Thread. #(dotimes [n 50000] (.take q))))
(.start(Thread. #(dotimes [n 1000000] (.add q n))))
viperscape / broadcast-stream.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015
many-to-many broadcast stream
View broadcast-stream.clj
(defn v-> [s v]
"pushes value onto stack, if possible, returns new head/tail"
(let [p (promise)]
(if (deliver s (cons v (list p)))
(defn v<- [s]
"returns lazy sequence of actual values, without head/tail"
(when (realized? s)
(cons (first @s)
viperscape / gridgraph.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015
square grid to relationship graph for loom
View gridgraph.clj
(defn gen-graph [s]
(graph ;;generate loom graph
(reduce merge {} ;; format...
(apply concat ;; for loom
(for [r (range s)] ;;for each row
(for [c (range s)] ;;for each column in the row
(let [nl [[r (+ 1 c)]
[(- r 1) c]
[r (- c 1)]
[(+ 1 r) c]]]
viperscape /
Created Nov 6, 2014
pull down hi-res of nasa astronomical pic of the day
import urllib.request
address = ''
file = urllib.request.urlopen(address) #read in the site and hunt for the image url
html =
data = html.decode('utf-8')
#print (data)
s = data.find("<a href=\"image")+14 #find the first instance of the image hyperlink
viperscape / init.el
Created Nov 12, 2014
toggle cleanmode (no menu,scroll,toolbars)
View init.el
(set 'cleanmode 1)
(defun toggle-cleanmode ()
"toggles clean mode"
(cond ((not cleanmode)
(menu-bar-mode -1)
(tool-bar-mode -1)
(scroll-bar-mode -1)
(set 'cleanmode 1))
((eq 1 cleanmode)
viperscape / init.el
Last active Aug 29, 2015
rust lang, cargo/rustc run hotkeys
View init.el
(defun rust-save-compile-and-run-this ()
(format "rustc %s && %s"
(file-name-sans-extension (buffer-file-name)))))
(defun rust-save-compile-and-run ()
viperscape / lazy-re.clj
Last active Aug 29, 2015
lazy regex matches
View lazy-re.clj
(defn lazy-re [re pp]
(let [re-m (re-matcher re pp)
re-cm #(re-find re-m)
(fn step []
(when-let [r (re-cm)]
(cons r
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