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Last active Mar 30, 2017
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text lint terminology - custom tech terms
"Flash Player",
["url", "URL"],
["urls", "URLs"],
["IPhone", "iPhone"],
["microsoft", "Microsoft"],
["firefox", "Firefox"],
["safari", "Safari"],
["(?:Node\\.js|nodejs)", "NodeJS"],
["Node[ .]js", "Node"],
["React[ .]js", "React"],
["HTTP[ /]2(?:\\.0)?", "HTTP/2"],
["OS X", "macOS"],
["Mac ?OS", "macOS"],
["a npm", "an npm"],
["ES2015", "ES6"],
["ES7", "ES2016"],
["id['’]?s", "IDs"],
[ "cookie(s?)", "Cookie$1"],
["back[- ]end(\\w*)", "backend$1"],
["front[- ]end(\\w*)", "frontend$1"],
["hot[- ]key", "hotkey"],
["build system(s?)", "build tool$1"],
["CLI tool(s?)", "command line tool$1"],
["web[- ]?site(s?)", "site$1"],
["repo\\b", "repository"],
["style-?guide(s?)", "style guide$1"],
["change-?log(s?)", "change log$1"],
["source-?map(s?)", "source map$1"],
["pre ?release(s?)", "pre-release$1"],
["filetype(s?)", "file type$1"],
["facebook", "Facebook"],
["twitter", "Twitter"],
["github", "GitHub"],
["gmail", "Gmail"],
["hotmail", "Hotmail"],
["yahoo mail","Yahoo Mail"],
["google map(s?)", "Google Map$1"],
["html", "HTML"],
["css", "CSS"],
["javascript", "JavaScript"],
["java script", "JavaScript"],
["sass", "Sass"],
["SASS", "Sass"],
["ios", "iOS"],
["IOS", "iOS"],
["MacOS", "Mac OS"],
["MacOSX", "Mac OS X"],
["MacBook", "MacBook"],
["Mongo DB", "MongoDB"],
["Open GL", "OpenGL"],
["PhotoShop", "Photoshop"],
["PHP([0-9])", "PHP $1"],
["Rails([0-9])", "Rails $1"],
["Ruby([0-9])", "Ruby $1"],
["RoR", "Ruby on Rails"],
["Ruby Gems", "RubyGems"],
["WikiPedia", "Wikipedia"],
["[PpPp][OoOo][SsSs][TtTt][CcCc][SsSs][SsSs]", "PostCSS"],
["localstorage", "localStorage"],
["session storage", "session storage"],
["jquery", "jQuery"],
["redux", "Redux"],
["webkit", "Webkit"],
["[EeEe][MmMm][BbBb][EeEe][RrRr].[JjJj][SsSs]", "Ember.js"],
["[WwWw][IiIi][NnNn][DdDd][OoOo][WwWw][SsSs]", "Windows"],
["conf", "Conference"],
["ajax", "AJAX"],
["(?:Angular\\.js|angularjs)", "AngularJS"],
["(\\w+[^.?!]\\)? )internet", "$1internet"],
["(\\w+[^.?!]\\)? )stylelint", "$1stylelint"],
["(\\w+[^.?!]\\)? )webpack", "$1webpack"],
["(\\w+[^.?!]\\)? )git", "$1git"]

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@vipickering vipickering commented Mar 16, 2017

This Gist is used instead of the default terminology terms on my blog.
Install textlint and use terminology plugin.
Some rules have been adapted from the Japanese text lint plugin "textlint-rule-spellcheck-tech-word".

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