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Celo Sage PR Template

Thanks for submitting this tutorial for Celo Sage

Before you hit "Create Pull Request", make sure you have read the Tutorial Contribution Guidelines and reviewed the Sample Tutorial Structure.

Please confirm the following before submitting your tutorial for review -

  • My tutorial follows the Tutorial Contribution Guidelines.
  • The title of the Pull Request matches the title of my tutorial.
  • I've followed the tutorial template structure.
  • I've proofread the tutorial for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • I've thoroughly explained the code, with inline code comments and text explanations.
  • I've run a linter & prettifier to format my code blocks.
  • I've run the tutorial to test it and the code works.

NOTE: We cannot review your Pull Request if it does not meet the standard outlined above. Reviewers - @joenyzio & @viral-sangani

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