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Chris Stefano virtualstaticvoid

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git remote set-head origin main
git branch -m master main
virtualstaticvoid / git-reset-branch
Created Feb 9, 2021
Resets a git branch, or switches over from master to main.
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set -e
# NOTE: can be used to switch over to another branch such from "master" to "main"
# git reset-branch main origin/main
if [ ! -d .git ]; then
virtualstaticvoid / .gitignore
Last active Jan 2, 2021
Raspberry Pi 4 Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS configuration and provisioning script
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virtualstaticvoid / shell
Created Jul 8, 2020
Get Docker Container IP Address
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docker inspect --format='{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' container
virtualstaticvoid / install-ca-certificate
Created Jul 2, 2020
Install Custom CA Certificate (with name check)
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sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/share/ca-certificates
sudo cp $cert /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/
sudo update-ca-certificates
virtualstaticvoid / Ensure.cs
Last active Nov 14, 2018
C# Ensure for Argument Errors
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// MIT License
// Copyright (c) 2009 Chris Stefano <>
using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
internal static class Ensure
virtualstaticvoid / .gitignore
Last active Oct 23, 2018
virtualstaticvoid / .gitignore
Last active Mar 19, 2018
Heroku Buildpack R - rJava Example
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virtualstaticvoid / .r-version
Last active Jul 22, 2020
Heroku Buildpack R - plumber Example