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jquery.steps TypeScript Definition File
/// <reference path="../jquery/jquery.d.ts" />
interface JQueryStepsLabelsOptions {
next?: string;
previous?: string;
finish?: string;
cancel?: string;
interface JQueryStepsOptions {
headerTag?: string;
bodyTag?: string;
transitionEffect?: string;
autoFocus?: boolean;
labels?: JQueryStepsLabelsOptions;
onInit?: (event: any, currentIndex: number) => void;
onStepChanging?: (event: any, currentIndex: number, newIndex: number) => void;
onStepChanged?: (event: any, currentIndex: number, priorIndex: number) => boolean;
onCanceled?: (event: any) => void;
onFinishing?: (event: any, currentIndex: number) => boolean;
onFinished?: (event: any, currentIndex: number) => void;
interface JQuerySteps {
(options: JQueryStepsOptions): JQuery;
(methodName: string, ...params: any[]): JQuery;
interface JQuery {
steps: JQuerySteps;
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