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Jenkins script to bring slave online. The job would wait for 10 mins if the slave doesnt come online within that time it ll fail.
import hudson.model.*
import hudson.AbortException;
def resolver = build.buildVariableResolver
// def node_names = resolver.resolve("NODE_LIST").split(",")
timeout_seconds = 600 // 10 mins
sleepTime=30 // seconds
def node_name=resolver.resolve("NODE_NAME").replaceAll("\\s","")
slave = Hudson.instance.slaves.find({ == node_name});
if (slave != null) {
computer = slave.getComputer();
if (computer.isOffline()) {
println "$node_name is offline.";
long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); //fetch starting time
println "$node_name still offline.";
println "Sleep for $sleepTime seconds"
if (computer.isOffline()) {
throw new Exception('$node_name didnt come online. Kindly check')
}else {
println "OK: $node_name is online";
} else {
println "Slave $node_name not found!";
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