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Packages I use with Sublime Text 2 editor (at office)
ActionScript, Alignment, All Autocomplete, Alternative Autocompletion, AppleScript, ASP, Autocomplete Javascript with Method Signature, Auto Encoding for Ruby, AutoFileName, Backbone.js, Batch File, BeautifyRuby, Bracketeer, BracketHighlighter, BufferScroll, C#, C++, ChangeQuotes, Clojure, CoffeeCompile, CoffeeScript, CoffeeScript Function Finder, Color Highlighter, ColorPick, ColorPicker, Color Scheme - Default, ColorSchemeSelector, Console API Snippets (JavaScript), copy-file-name, CSS, CSScomb, CSSFormat, CSS Less(ish), Csslisible, CSS Media Query Snippets, CSS Snippets, CSSTidy, CTags, Current Scope, D, Dayle Rees Color Schemes, Default, DetectSyntax, Diff, ERB Insert and Toggle Commands, ERB Snippets, Erlang, Folder List, Function Name Display, Git, GitGutter, Git Status Files, Go, Goto Folder, GotoTab, Graphviz, Groovy, Hacker News, Haml, Haskell, HighlightDuplicates, HTML, HTML2Haml, HTML5, HTMLAttributes, HTML Snippets, HtmlTidy, InsertDate, Java, JavaScript, JavaScriptNext - ES6 Syntax, JavaScript Snippets, jQuery, jQuery Snippets pack, JS2Coffee, JsFormat, JSHint, JsMinifier, JS Snippets, Just Paste, Language - English, LaTeX, LESS, Less2Css, Line Completion, LineEndings, Lisp, Logs Colorize, LoremIpsum, Lua, Makefile, Markdown, Markdown Preview, Matlab, Meld diff, Missing Palette Commands, MoveTab, Move Tabs, MoveText, Nodejs, Objective-C, OCaml, Open Folder, Open Recent Files, Origami, Package Control, pastebin-sublime-plugin, Paste to, Perl, PHP, Placeholders, Image Tag Generator, PlainTasks, Prefixr, Pretty JSON, Python, Quick File Creator, QuickFileMove, Quickfind, QuickRef, QuickThemes, R, Rails, Rails Latest Migration, Rails Partial, Regular Expressions, Restart, RestructuredText, Ruby, RubyFormat, Ruby on Rails snippets, Ruby Slim, RubyToggleString, Sass, Scala, SCSS, SCSS Snippets, Search Anywhere, ShellScript, SideBarEnhancements, SideBarGit, Simple Rails Navigator, Smart Duplicate, SmartMarkdown, Smart Match, SortTabs, SQL, Sublimation, SublimeBufmod, Sublime File Navigator, Sublime-HTMLPrettify, SublimePaster, sublime-split-navigation, SublimeTmpl, SublimeWebColors, SyncedSideBar, Tag, TCL, Terminal, Text, Textile, Theme - Default, Theme - Night, Themr, Todo, Toggle Symbol to String, Twig, Twitter Bootstrap Snippets, Unicode Character Highlighter, URLEncode, User, Vintage, WebFont, Wick, WordCount, WordHighlight, Wrap Plus, XML, YAML
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