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Install OpenCV on Mac OS Sierra on Python 3.5
# 1. Download and install the latest Anaconda distribution from
# 2. Create a new Python environment. Make sure you choose python 3.5 as your python version for the virtual environment:
conda create -n myenv python=3.5
# 3. Activate the new environment using:
source activate myenv
# 4. OpenCV depends on NumPy, which can be installed with:
conda install numpy
# 5.Install the anaconda-client command utility to search for the OpenCV binary in Conda:
conda install anaconda-client
# 6. Search for OpenCV 3:
anaconda search -t conda opencv3
# 7. You will see a few options but choose a package that supports osx-64. For example choose which support osx-64.
conda install --channel opencv3
# 8. Test Open CV with below code. It should return the installed Open CV version.
import cv2
print("OpenCV version:")

This was very helpful, and by far the simplest solution I found. Thanks!

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