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Crack open your SBI PDF Statements if forgot the registered phone number
# 1: Install pdfplumber from terminal : `pip3 install pdfplumber`
# 2: Save bank statement to a folder as `savings_bank_account_statement.pdf`
# 3: Password is of the format: <last 5 digit of a mobile number><dob>
# 4: Download `` file and save to the same folder
# 5: Run this program from terminal as `python3`
import pdfplumber
dob = '131255' # ddmmyy format, dob value is randomized for privacy
for i in range (10000,100000):
pwd = str(i) + dob
with'savings_bank_account_statement.pdf', password = pwd) as pdf:
first_page = pdf.pages[0]
print(str(pwd) + ' is the password')
# print(str(pwd) + ' didnt work')
print("!! Program Running Successfully !!")
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