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Created June 3, 2012 13:26
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SublimeText command for compacting/expanding CSS rules
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
import re
class CompactExpandCssCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit, action='compact'):
rule_starts = self.view.find_all('\{')
rule_ends = self.view.find_all('\}')
rules_regions = list()
regions_to_process = list()
selections = self.view.sel()
if len(selections) == 1 and selections[0].empty():
selections = [sublime.Region(0, self.view.size())]
for i in range(len(rule_starts)):
rule_region = sublime.Region(rule_starts[i].a, rule_ends[i].b)
for sel in selections:
if sel.intersects(rule_region):
self.process_rules_regions(regions_to_process, action, edit)
def process_rules_regions(self, regions, action, edit):
actions = {
'compact': self.compact_rules,
'expand': self.expand_rules,
'toggle': self.toggle_rules
actions[action](regions, edit)
def toggle_rules(self, regions, edit):
grouped_rules = list()
for r in regions:
action_key = 'expand' if self.rule_is_compact(r) else 'compact'
if not grouped_rules or not action_key in grouped_rules[-1]:
grouped_rules.append({action_key: []})
for group in grouped_rules:
for (action, rules) in group.items():
self.process_rules_regions(rules, action, edit)
def compact_rules(self, regions, edit):
view = self.view
for collapse_region in regions:
content = view.substr(collapse_region)
match = re.match(r"\{([^\}]*)\}", content)
rules =';')
rules = [r.strip() for r in rules]
rules = '; '.join(rules)
view.replace(edit, collapse_region, '{ ' + rules + '}')
def expand_rules(self, regions, edit):
view = self.view
for expand_region in regions:
content = view.substr(expand_region)
match = re.match(r"\{([^\}]*)\}", content)
rules =';')
rules = filter(lambda r: r.strip(), rules)
rules = ['\t' + r.strip() + ';\n' for r in rules]
rules = ''.join(rules)
view.replace(edit, expand_region, '{\n' + rules + '}')
def rule_is_compact(self, rule):
return re.match(r"^\{.*\}$", self.view.substr(rule))
// commands allow compacting/expanding of selected rules.
// multiple selections are supported
// commands are applied to rules which are covered by selection
// if there's a single empty selection then the command is applied to all rules within the document
// 1. save the file above under your Packages/User folder. for more info on where it's located on your platform look here -
// 2.1 add these to Packages/User/Default.sublime-commands to be able to execute through command list
// (if .sublime-commands doesn't exist there just create it by hand)
"caption": "CSS rules compact",
"command": "compact_expand_css",
"args": { "action": "compact" }
"caption": "CSS rules expand",
"command": "compact_expand_css",
"args": { "action": "expand" }
"caption": "CSS rules toggle",
"command": "compact_expand_css",
"args": { "action": "toggle" }
// or
// 2.2 map commands to keyboard shortcuts in Packages/User/Default(*your OS*).sublime-keymap to take the shortcut (if the file is not present, create by hand or go to Preferences -> Key Bindings - User).
// exmaple what the shortcut might look like
{ "keys": ["ctrl+super+]"], "command": "compact_expand_css", "args": { "action": "expand" } },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+super+["], "command": "compact_expand_css", "args": { "action": "compact" } },
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Thanks, @vitaLee, it was the square brackets that I had not known about. Now it works, very nice. (No restart necessary.)
I'd like to make a small suggestion: The compressed version has spaces before/behind the curly braces, which I like. But there's no space after the colons. Perhaps you might consider adding that.
Selecting all colons manually and adding a space does not work, because it adds spaces before "hover", "active", etc., too ...

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Well, done it myself:

rules = rules.replace(': ',':')
rules = rules.replace(':',': ')

after lines 62 and 77. Probably not the most elegant solution, but works for me!

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jhebb commented Sep 26, 2013

This is awesome, I've been searching all day for a solution for this - comes in super handy for updating older projects.

Did you ever update it for nested rules?

I added the suggestions from @lausianne and also these for my own preference to remove spaces before/after {} when collapsing:

rules = rules.rstrip(' ')

view.replace(edit, collapse_region, '{' + rules + '}')

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