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GSoC 2017 Work Product, Vivek Singh Bhadauria - FOSSASIA

This summer, I worked on FOSSASIA's Pocket Science Lab Android App that exposes the various functionalities like Oscilliscope, Programmable Voltage and Current Source, etc of PSLab Hardware Device. It can be used to perform various experiments ranging from school level to engineering.
I added some additional functionalities like In-built oscilloscope and Wave Generation (WIP) using Audio Jack as data interface in Android.

Users need the following things to test app:

  • Android Device which supports USB-Host mode (most modern devices do).
  • OTG Cable
  • PSLab Hardware Device (for core functionalities and performing experiment)
  • Some add-on sensors like MPU6050, BMP180, etc. (for real-time data from sensors)

GSoC Project Link

Github repo

Get it on Google Play

My Contribution to the codebase is listed below

PSLab Android App

PSLab Desktop App

Additional Links

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