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Last active September 16, 2020 20:45
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Current resume

Vivi Nguyen
(805) 210-9984
Oakland, CA

Github | LinkedIn | Portfolio website


Hackbright Academy, January 2020 - March 2020
Certificate in Software Engineering, Spring 2020 Cohort

University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2019
College of Letters and Science
Bachelor of Arts, Cognitive Science


Playlistify: Hackbright Capstone - Link - Github repo

February 2020 — present

  • Designed full-stack web-application that creates Spotify playlists from Setlist.FM data
  • Created Python-Flask backend with user data stored in a PostGreSQL database
  • Utilized Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and Jinja templating to display playlists on homepage
  • Created and modified playlists on Spotify user account with OAuth 2.0 user authentication
  • Integrated Spotify Web SDK using Javascript for in browser streaming
  • Deployed using LightSail AWS

Happy Happy Hour: DeveloperWeek2020 Hackathon | TomTom API Challenge: Preventing food waste - Link - Github repo

February 2020

  • A full-stack web-application for restaurants to post “happy hours” for food about to go bad
  • Built front-end user dashboard using Javascript and TomTom Map SDK to map restaurant location, status, and postings
  • Deployed using Heroku

FreshMaps: Wonsulting Project 2020 - Link - Github repo

July 2020 — present

  • A React front-end, Flask backend web-application that maps fresh produce areas in Oakland
  • Work closely with product team to decide on features
  • Built main homepage to display map and markers using Google Maps Javascript API


Coding Instructor
Berkeley, CA
The Coder School, August 2018 — March 2020

  • Taught 20 students one-on-one weekly and created personalized lesson plans/coding projects using Scratch, Python, Javascript, and Lua
  • Led after-school coding classes of 15 students and taught Scratch, Snap, and Python
  • Led Coding Camps, week-long introductions to game creation using Scratch

fMRI Research Assistant
San Francisco, CA
BrainLENS Laboratory for Educational NeuroScience, UCSF, August 2017 — May 2019

  • Collected data on visual cortex activity of bilingual subjects and performed statistical analysis on thousands of datasets using Jupyter notebooks, NumPy, and PsychoPy

Research Assistant
Berkeley, CA
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, August 2017 — May 2018

  • Worked with software for DataSketch, an NSF-funded project that explores middle school students’ data visualization literacy
  • Focused on curriculum quality review and development


Backend: Python, Flask, PostGreSQL, SQLAlchemy

Frontend: Javascript, React, jQuery/AJAX, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS

Other: Git, GitHub, Lightsail/AWS, Vagrant, Heroku

Languages: English, Vietnamese, French

Interests: Rock climbing, Skateboarding, Painting, Music

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