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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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What is the best workflow for posting code snippets?

What is the best workflow for posting code snippets?

My Gist Workflow

  • Use Gist plugin for Sublime Text 3. (Add api token to settings).
  • Create new files in ~/Desktop/Notes.
  • Use OmniMarkupPreview Sublime Text 3 plugin to preview in browser.
  • When ready...
  • Open command palette (⌘+Shift+P) > Enter Gist > Create New Gist. (Or use keyboard shortcuts)
  • Delete file from ~/Desktop/Notes.
  • Open it again using Gist Open from command palette.
  • Saving it will upload to Gist.



  • Discussion.
  • Revisioning.
  • Forking.
  • Quick edit.
  • See revisions.
  • Nice familiar editor. Sublime Text or IntelliJ for me.


  • Gist
  • Quip
  • Github Issues
  • Native OSX app like Code Snippets
  • Sublime and file system
  • Github Wiki
  • Github Repo




Great collaboration. Fast desktop app. Terrible code support in documents - dealbreaker.

Github Issues

Bad editor support - cannot use Sublime to edit an issue. Good organization and search.

Native OSX app

Usually terrible inbuilt editors. No collaboration.


Good editor. System search.

Github Wiki

Bad collaboration. No discussion.

Github Repo

Create a separate repo for discussion containing all design docs.

Commenting only at commit level. Heavy.

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