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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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NPM module patching workflow

NPM module patching workflow

Create a new project

npm init -f

Add a module

npm install --save something

Need to patch module something

npm install --save

git clone ./patched_modules/something

cd ./patched_modules/something

git remote set-url origin

npm link ./patched_modules/something

Make changes to ./patched_modules/something.

cd ./patched_modules/something

git commit -m 'fixed'

git push

cd ../

git push

-> A pre-push hook (I will post separately) looks for symlinked node_modules and updates the package.json with the latest pushed commit hash.

`git commit -m 'Update package.json git dependencies'

git push

git push heroku master

-> Deploys and uses your git dependencies. Because they use commit hashes (instead of tags or branches or something), they are cached.

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