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Victor Kareh vkareh

  • Red Hat
  • Quebec, Canada
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* Hook to register the CKEditor plugin - it would appear in the plugins list on the profile setting page.
function hook_ckeditor_plugin() {
return array(
'plugin_name' => array(
// Name of the plugin used to write it.
'name' => 'plugin_name',
// Description of the plugin - it would be displayed in the plugins management section of profile settings.
'desc' => t('Plugin description'),
* Field handler to provide simple renderer that calls function to record
* radioactivity of the node being viewed.
class mcard_handler_field_node_radioactivity extends views_handler_field_node {
function render($values) {
if (module_exists('radioactivity')) {
return $this->render_link(check_plain($values->{$this->field_alias}), $values);