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Conditionally Required Properties with Archetype
const Archetype = require('archetype');
const CustomerType = new Archetype({
roles: {
$type: ['string'],
$enum: ['CUSTOMER', 'ADMIN'],
$required: true,
$default: ['CUSTOMER']
email: {
$type: 'string',
$required: true
department: {
$type: 'string',
// If `$required` is a function, archetype executes it with the
// top-level object as the first param. If the function returns
// something truthy, the property will be `$required`.
$required: doc => doc.roles.includes('ADMIN')
// OK
new CustomerType({ email: '' });
new CustomerType({
roles: ['ADMIN'],
email: 'test@test',
department: 'Engineering'
// "Error: department: Path "department" is required"
// Archetype error strings are of the form
// '<property1>: <message1>, <property2>: <message2>, ...'
new CustomerType({
roles: ['ADMIN'],
email: 'test@test'
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