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Displays a notification when a command, that takes over 10 seconds to execute, finishes and only if the current window isn't the terminal. Add to your .zshrc: [ -e path/to/notifyosd.zsh ] && . path/to/notifyosd.zsh
function active-window-id {
echo `xprop -root | awk '/_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW\(WINDOW\)/{print $NF}'`
# end and compare timer, notify-send if needed
function notifyosd-precmd() {
if [ ! -z "$cmd" ]; then
cmd_end=`date +%s`
((cmd_time=$cmd_end - $cmd_start))
if [ ! -z "$cmd" -a $cmd_time -gt 10 -a "$window_id_before" != "$(active-window-id)" ]; then
notify-send -i utilities-terminal -u low "$cmd_basename completed" "\"$cmd\" took $cmd_time seconds"
unset cmd
# make sure this plays nicely with any existing precmd
precmd_functions+=( notifyosd-precmd )
# get command name and start the timer
function notifyosd-preexec() {
cmd_basename=${cmd[(ws: :)1]}
cmd_start=`date +%s`
# make sure this plays nicely with any existing preexec
preexec_functions+=( notifyosd-preexec )

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@DAP-DarkneSS DAP-DarkneSS commented Mar 28, 2013

kdialog --title "$cmd_basename completed" --passivepopup ""$cmd" took $cmd_time seconds"
to use at KDE without notify-tools installed.
PS Thanks a lot!

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