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Vladimir Tsyupko vladimirtsyupko

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vladimirtsyupko / protocolcheck.js
Created Mar 17, 2016
protocolcheck.js with successCallback
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(function (window) {
function _registerEvent(target, eventType, cb) {
if (target.addEventListener) {
target.addEventListener(eventType, cb);
return {
remove: function () {
target.removeEventListener(eventType, cb);
vladimirtsyupko / gist:10964795
Created Apr 17, 2014
Git ignore doesn’t work
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git rm -r --cached .
git add .
git commit -m ".gitignore is now working"
vladimirtsyupko / gist:10964772
Created Apr 17, 2014
Git force pull to overwrite local files
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git fetch --all
git reset --hard origin/master
git pull origin master
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touch script
chmod 777 script
nano script
Put this to script “
export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin"
cd `dirname $0`
exec "$@"
env EDITOR=nano crontab -e
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