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This is an explanation of the changes introduced in pull request

Twin context infrastructure

When checking whether two well-typed terms t and u are convertible, they might not be typed in the same context.

From the example above, we have a constraint

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data EitherDup a = MyLeft a
| MyRight a
class HasEndo t where
-- | prop> endo . endo == id
endo :: t -> t
instance HasEndo (EitherDup a) where
endo (MyLeft a) = MyRight a
endo (MyRight a) = MyLeft a
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Monad gives Applicative, Applicative etc. gives Num, Floating, Fractional

Setting it up

WrapMonad tells us that a Monad implies Functor, Applicative

instance Monad m => Functor     (WrappedMonad m)
instance Monad m => Applicative (WrappedMonad m)
instance Monad m => Monad       (WrappedMonad m)
View FunImplicits.lagda.rst
module FunImplicits where

open import Data.Bool

data Nat : Set where
  zero : Nat