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Last active May 26, 2023 13:27
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Stronger Encryption and Decryption in Node.js
'use strict';
const crypto = require('crypto');
const ENCRYPTION_KEY = process.env.ENCRYPTION_KEY; // Must be 256 bits (32 characters)
const IV_LENGTH = 16; // For AES, this is always 16
function encrypt(text) {
let iv = crypto.randomBytes(IV_LENGTH);
let cipher = crypto.createCipheriv('aes-256-cbc', Buffer.from(ENCRYPTION_KEY), iv);
let encrypted = cipher.update(text);
encrypted = Buffer.concat([encrypted,]);
return iv.toString('hex') + ':' + encrypted.toString('hex');
function decrypt(text) {
let textParts = text.split(':');
let iv = Buffer.from(textParts.shift(), 'hex');
let encryptedText = Buffer.from(textParts.join(':'), 'hex');
let decipher = crypto.createDecipheriv('aes-256-cbc', Buffer.from(ENCRYPTION_KEY), iv);
let decrypted = decipher.update(encryptedText);
decrypted = Buffer.concat([decrypted,]);
return decrypted.toString();
module.exports = { decrypt, encrypt };
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Thanks @vlucas - If anyone having trouble using code, I did the following.

npm install crypto

Get your 32 character passkey, you can type it yourself or go here and generate it > make sure you change Password length to 32

Copy paste that 32 character string into your .env file

In your .env file, put

ENCRYPTION_KEY = 'paste your 32 character string here'

Now Cut and paste all code from above into a js file eg file.js

In the file you want to use the encrypt and decrypt, use import the code like as follows

const { decrypt, encrypt } = require('./file') // path to your code that was cut and paste

and to use it test it out

let data = encrypt('hello')
console.log(data) // you will see the encrypted string
let dataD = decrypt(data)
console.log(dataD) // you will see the decrypted string 'hello'

Link Updated Password Generator:

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The password generator that you included doesn't load anymore. You can try this one.

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I am unable to run the code.....whenever I am entering the gives me an error...

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Venipa commented Apr 10, 2023

made this package a while ago for server side encrypted payloads to use for backend only:

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